Bursary Applications

Prospective students who would like to be considered can contact the lead lecturer Dr. Edward Isaacs for information on course content or discuss any concerns. If you would like to speak to Dr. Isaacs, please contact [email protected]

Applications for the course must be made through the LSBU Website.

Please be aware that the closing date for applications for both the course AND the bursary is the 30th of November.
Bursary application
The award-winning TUCO Academy has collaborated with London South Bank University (LSBU) School of Law and Social Sciences to deliver a master’s degree in Hospitality Leadership in Universities and the Public Sector.

The unique post graduate course has been a working process for approximately two years and the first candidates started in January 2019. 

The course consists of six modules including; leadership, strategy, marketing, product development, sustainable operations and a bespoke comparative study field trip. The Dissertation can be carried out as a work-based project. TUCO Academy will offer access to resources, such as its commissioned research and mentoring to members whilst on the course. The lead academics will be Professor Duncan Taylor and Dr Edward Isaacs. 

A portion of the programme delivery will be provided remotely through a series of 'live' lectures and tutorials which MA students will take part in using the virtual learning environment Moodle. Some face to face delivery will still need to take place at LSBU, including the induction at the beginning of January but this unique opportunity for remote delivery was created pre-COVID so that members could support their institution's operation while taking advantage of this learning opportunity.

Bursaries toward the cost of the Master's for LSBU in association with TUCO will be made available for applicants through TUCO and we strongly encourage everyone who plans to apply for the MA to also apply for the bursary. To complete the bursary application you will need to have your personal and employment details, a business benefit statement, an employment referee and the personal statement you have used or intend to use for the LSBU application.

There is one bursary available per institution.

Modules in the MA programme

Product and Market Trends and Drivers

This module will develop the skills and knowledge to analyse a market and product development opportunities and to prepare documentation that can help convince others of an opportunity's viability. This will include the analysis of product positioning, market assessment, and business planning process to help turn ideas into business opportunities.

Strategy and Visioning

This module provides an in-depth exploration and analysis of the diverse theoretical perspectives on strategic management and contextualises these in relation to hospitality within Universities and the public sector. This will involve an evaluation of the values and standards of institutions, their culture and their strategic visions to realise resilient business operations.

Hospitality Leadership

This module focuses on the active, professional aspects of leadership studies within the hospitality industry in public organisations. It will examine the complex and continuously changing environment of Universities and the public sector hospitality by applying contemporary theoretical perspectives to achieving sustainable and transformational leadership.

Marketing and Merchandising

This module focuses on understanding consumers, communicating with them and developing loyal relationships with them. Consequently, this module is about marketing strategy and planning in both theory and practice within public services. It will explore how public organisations that utilise hospitality address key marketing challenges posed by an increasingly competitive environment.

Sustainable Design and Operation

This module seeks to examine the principles that enable hospitality operations to deliver sustainability within constraints which that business operates within. This includes, delivering the customer experience whilst contributing to the wider well-being agendas of their organisations including work-life balance, sustainable wage levels and reflecting social/business trends.

Comparative Study

This is a residential field study-based module that enables the student to make comparative assessments between working practices in their own establishment with those that exhibit good practice either within the UK public services or wider afield. Providing a platform upon which the student can discern between different operations and procedures to help them improve the offerings within their own organisation.

Hospitality Consultancy Project

This project will give students the opportunity to undertake a piece of primary research and analysis based on the learning received throughout their programme and to enable them to to manage their own learning under the guidance of a tutor. Students may choose their own topic within their field of interest or expertise which will demonstrate originality and offer a worthwhile contribution to both the existing "body of knowledge" and to their employer organisation.

Entry requirements

A 2 (ii) or above Bachelor's Degree 


A minimum of five years' experience of working in hospitality, or hospitality related organisations.

Prospective applicants when applying will need to create an online account for and apply through LSBU's post graduate route, this information can be found in LSBU's Website in the "how to apply section". Applications for the bursary are available at the top of this page.

If you need further information please contact [email protected]