See first-hand the student experience and review the catering, conferencing and events facilities at different universities located in Liverpool.


Who is this for?

Catering, Hospitality, Conference and Events & Marketing professionals from junior to senior management level. Any TUCO member who is interested to see the behind the scenes workings of customer focussed institutions.

Why should I take part?

Liverpool is a vibrant student city with a large student population (over 70,000), is one of the UK’s hotspots for night life and offers a unique experience for local, national and international students. 

As one of the oldest cities in England and a history founded in their infamous docks, Liverpool dominated global trade by the early 19th century. It has the world's first enclosed commercial dock, the Old Dock, built in 1715 and the infamous Albert dock and was the world's most advanced port system with parts that were a World Heritage Site from 2004-2021. There are ties with the Chinese and African community which are strongly intertwined due to that history of being a major port. Many Chinese arrived as Seamen in the 1860s and settled in the area providing businesses that catered to other seamen on shore, in boarding houses, laundry houses and Chinese restaurants and takeaways. The Imperial Arch near Liverpool's Chinatown is the largest arch outside of China, it was a gift from Shanghai (twinned with Liverpool). West African Seafarers also settled in the city and ended up being employed in the British Shipping industry as well as the Chinese, because of higher wages and better employment opportunities. Immigration to this famous city has positively impacted it culturally and from a culinary perspective. 

On this four-day study tour, delegates will see first-hand the student experience and be able to review the catering, conferencing and events facilities at different universities located in and around Liverpool. Delegates will spend a time at each institution, exploring what makes the student experience special to that University and how they have overcome challenges to quality and business results and still provide a great service offer. The tour will offer an opportunity for delegates to view each campus, conference and event facilities where applicable, and the elements of the experience which makes them successful for students and commercially. The tour will end with a visit to the Africa Oye festival which is held annually at Sefton Park - it is the largest free festival of African music and culture in the UK and has several authentic African and Caribbean cuisine stalls in the Oye Village.

How will it help me?

During the event, you will…

  • Spend time at each institution, exploring what makes the Student experience special to that University and how they have overcome challenges to quality and business results
  • Discover African and Chinese cuisine in Liverpool city centre
  • Take inspiration from other Universities back to your own institutions, through campus tours, catering unit tours and conferencing tours
  • Network and troubleshoot with likeminded TUCO members from different institutions

Following the event, you will…

  • Have gained an understanding of the practice and proficiency of catering and events professionals in Liverpool who are providing a great student and external customer experience at their institutions
  • Have learnt new knowledge on how the institutions look at the customer experience and make adjustments to operational plans
  • Be inspired by different catering themes and concepts, such as international menus

What's Included?

3 nights’ accommodation at Liverpool Hope Campus, visits to Liverpool Higher Education sites including refreshments, guided tours, networking opportunities, talks and presentations, travel around the city, all meals and drinks during the tour.

Provisional Itinerary:

Day one:

4pm check in/bag drop at Liverpool Hope Campus

5pm Food Safari taking in Chinatown and African food sites 

8pm Evening meal at Renshaw Market

Day two:

9am Breakfast

10am Travel to Edgehill University for tour and lunch

4pm Cultural tour of Liverpool focussing on the port immigration influence on the city

7pm Evening meal at Matou, a pan Asian restaurant overlooking the Mersey

Day three:

9am Breakfast

10am Liverpool John Moores tour and presentations 

1pm Liverpool Hope University lunch including African themed samples

2pm Presentations from Liverpool University followed by a tour of Liverpool Hope

430pm Caribbean themed afternoon tea

8pm Evening meal at Luban inspired by the Chinese region of Tianjin

Day four:

1030am brunch

1230pm Africa Oye festival





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