Food Waste Intelligence

As an organisation, we have endeavoured to support our members to be a the very fore of sustainability best practice.

Food Waste Intelligence

Waste has emerged as one of the defining sustainability issues of our modern food system. Up to half the food produced globally is never consumed and in the UK 12m tons of food is thrown away annually, most of which is avoidable.

Foodservice and hospitality companies throw away 920,000 tons of food waste every year, about 13% of which is generated in the education sector.

This commitment to being part of the solution, for members and the Industry at large, has led to this important piece of research. Food waste is one of the biggest problems that the foodservice sector must tackle – we throw away 920,000 tons of food every year, of which 75% is avoidable; the numbers there speak for themselves.

Take a look at the TUCO and WRAP research below for further information.


1. Dairy Sector supply chain sheet – WRAP UK

2. Fish Sector supply chain sheet – WRAP UK

3. Fresh Produce Sector supply chain sheet – WRAP UK

4. Meat Sector supply chain sheet – WRAP UK

5. TUCO’s Tackling Food Waste




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