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Cornware UK 100% Biodegradable Tableware's Bright Colours Make for Happy Mealtimes

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Cornware 100% biodegradable tableware gives a range of colourful options such as bright yellow, red and orange appetising colours or the pearl white range to reduce food waste among young millennials.
Aside from being eco-friendly, Cornware foodware brings out the vibrancy of food-to-go with its exotic colours such as bright appetiziing tones or natural hues, and helps capture the perfect food experience. Cornware's 100% biodegradable range offers a conscious and fashionably crafted solution in vibrant urban colours and brings chicness to the mundane disposable tableware market. 
Cornware has also helped to plant almost 10.000 life-giving trees in Sub–Saharan Africa since the past two months through its commitment to the ‘Trees for the Future’ project, thus helping to change lives and save the planet.  “As responsible stewards of the Earth, Cornware UK's aim is to continually protect the environment in which it operates, both by supporting eco-friendly initiatives and providing eco-friendly products,” explains Cornware Director, Rohit Belani.
In July 2017, Cornware UK pledged to fund the planting of a tree for every case of products sold.  The trees planted through 'Trees for the Future' are fast-growing, soil rebuilding fruit trees that promote the long-term health of the land. They provide income and nutrition, forage and fuel-wood for families and communities to help break the cycle of generational poverty.
Cornware major distributors include Brakes, Alliance National and SOCIUS Network amongst many other, leading suppliers of catering disposables. We urge all catering outlets including cafes, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, sporting grounds to get behind us too and purchase a case of Cornware so that together we can support this worthwhile, life-changing cause. For more information on the ‘Trees for the Future’ project, please visit the website - https:/trees.org
Cornware plates, cutlery, cold cups, lunch boxes, bowls and trays  comes in 12 vibrant urban colours namely - forest green, midnight black, tangerine orange, glacier blue, ocean blue, rose red, violet, lavender, coral pink, pearl white, lime green and citron yellow to suit any occasion and purpose.
Cornware is made from primarily renewable sources of material, Origo that will biodegrade and not be a burden on the environment. The end product is a non-toxic waste for fertilizers, emission of non-toxic gases and a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide when incinerated. At the same time, the process of making Cornware is 72% more carbon efficient than traditional plastics, such as polystyrene. Cornware’s 100% biodegradable tableware produces 3.5 times less carbon than polystyrene.
The Cornware products are strong and durable and allow for good closure while the unique Origo material does not sweat and is microwavable.  They can easily go from the freezer to microwave. The products are oil and water proof, lightweight, acid and alkali resistant. They are competitively priced compared to normal plastics and cheaper than most biodegradable and compostable products.
To learn more about this new product please visit www.cornware.co.uk
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