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Raynor Foods Launch Hydroponic Garden

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The Chelmsford-based food to go company have launched Rosemary Gardens, a vertical hydroponic growing system which will allow them to grow ingredients in house.

Rosemary Gardens, whose namesake is co-founder of Raynor foods Rosemary Raynor, has been trialled successfully throughout April and will begin with growing cress in house before trialling other microgreens and salad ingredients.

The trial was instigated by Raynor’s Research and Development department and was headed by Main Project Lead Billy Benorthan.

The fully automated vertical grow unit, uses LED lighting and is energy and water efficient. The LED lights are 16v, while the water filtration system reuses the water used to moisten the plants.

Innovation and Technical Director, Tom Holland, says: “Rosemary Gardens will allow us to bring a plethora of environmental benefits to Raynors as well as insuring the quality and safety of our ingredients. Becoming our own food primary producer will allow us to reduce our food miles and fully oversee the growth of the ingredients we use.”

Rosemary Gardens is the latest innovation project from the RND team, which has seen Raynors be the first food manufacturer to move to Intense™ tomatoes to eliminate soggy sandwiches as well as developing their own breed of lettuce which stays greener for longer and requires less cutting processes to be suitable for sandwiches.

The Raynor’s RND team have a number of other projects in the works, which are largely aimed at increasing sustainability in all areas of food manufacturing.

Raynor Foods was established 30 years ago. Since then, we have grown from a small family sandwich company into one of the leading wholesale sandwich suppliers in London, East Anglia and the South East. Raynors makes and supplies ready made sandwiches, wraps, paninis, snacks, sushi, salads and lunch bags to sandwich shops, cafes and coffee shops, retailers, catering companies, rail companies, airlines, schools, universities, hospitals and leisure and tourism venues.

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