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Great taste is the biggest purchase driver during Dry January and Veganuary

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January need not be so blue, as the first month of the New Year provides great opportunities to capitalise on the trends of the season. 

A recent survey by MONIN, the flavour experts, revealed that more than 20 million Brits are considering going vegan for the month of January, while two thirds of the population are considering giving up alcohol in the same month. To help bar managers ensure they get their offering right MONIN has identified what January’s consumer wants from their no ABV or vegan cocktails.

The most important factor for consumers selecting these drinks is great taste with 41% citing it as a top consideration, coming in second is the need for the drink to be refreshing (38%), while a fruity taste, fresh fruit inclusions and quality ingredients make up the top five key purchasing decisions.

When it comes to choosing the drink based on flavour it was no surprise that strawberry and raspberry are front runners with 41% and 38% opting for these respectively. But while traditional ingredients remain popular, consumers are becoming more adventurous in their palate preferences and it’s vital to keep up with this ever-growing hunger for the ‘next big thing’.

Drinks inspired by orange is a strong third at 34%, with those over 55 most likely to choose this option, while 18-24 year olds and millennials are most willing to experiment. Perhaps the search for alternative flavours is in-part responsible for the resurgence of floral notes such as rose and lavender with 20% and 14% of consumers respectively looking for drinks with these flavours. Rhubarb (19%), coffee (17%), jasmine (15%), cucumber (14%) and chocolate (13%), complete the top 10.

When it comes to cost, on average consumers are willing to pay approximately £5 for a no ABV cocktail. Perhaps unsurprisingly this figure rose in the capital where £5.57 is deemed appropriate, with nearly half (47%) willing to pay above this. However, it’s the Northern Irish who are willing to splash out the most with an average price point of almost £6 being considered acceptable.

Lee Hyde, MONIN’s UK Beverage Innovation Manager said: “Traditionally it is accepted that footfall is low during January. However, our survey shows there is real opportunity for sales in this period, by increasing the drinks range in line with the needs of the customer, venues can be rewarded with additional sales and an increase in customer loyalty.

“Our research also demonstrates that there can’t be a one size fits all approach to a drinks menu with customers of varying ages looking for a different drinking experience. MONIN’s extensive range of syrups offer fantastic versatility with on-trend options including Orange Spritz, Rose, Beetroot and Cucumber, as well as traditional favourites Strawberry and Raspberry.

“Clearly advertising the offering will remind consumers that giving up alcohol or animal products needn’t prevent them from enjoying themselves! Rather than shying away from Dry January and Veganuary establishments can enjoy making the most of these opportunities.” 

Recipe inspiration:


Orange Spritz

30ml Sirop de MONIN Orange Spritz

150ml Non alcoholic sparkling wine


Add all ingredients to a large wine glass with ice, stir thoroughly and garnish with orange slices.


Yuzu and Rose Iced Tea

15ml Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu

10ml Sirop de MONIN Rose

40ml Seedlip Spice

60ml Green tea


Brew the tea and allow to cool. Add all ingredients to a stirring jug with ice, stir thoroughly and garnish with edible flowers.


Turn Up The Beet

20 ml Le Fruit de MONIN Beetroot

5 ml MONIN Blackberry syrup

30 ml Seedlip Spice

15 ml lime juice

Top with ginger beer


Combine ingredients except ginger beer in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously. Pour into a glass and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a blackberry and a sprig of mint and serve.

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