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We have been able to secure some deliveries of C02 and start kegging again at Hereford and Tadcaster. This has enabled us to start making available a limited level of stock of most of our brands for order again from Monday morning for delivery next week. We can only facilitate wholesalers & their customers ordering their normal weekly order level of stock. We are determined to prevent anyone hoarding stock at the expense of others. Therefore we would recommend you only order your normal weekly volume level of these brands.

As we stand now we hope to be kegging through next week but this remains highly dependent on both the government not intervening to divert deliveries to critical industries and our tankers getting across Europe as planned. It will now inevitably take a few weeks for gas supply to stabilise and for the impact on our production planning to work its way through. Therefore stock availability will not be smooth over the next month but it definitely looks like a much better position now than 2 days ago.

Thank you for your patience so far during a difficult period.



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