Paradise Seafood Limited

Paradise Seafood Limited

11 Bourne End Road
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Paradise Seafood is a leading supplier of fresh and frozen seafood. We have established ourself as one of the top suppliers of seafood of the highest quality. Our customers include restaurants of different caliber, hotel chains and catering companies.

We stock a large range of fresh and frozen seafood products including Prawns, Squid, Salmon, Cod, Crab etc., all of excellent quality. To help our customers managing their stock efficiently, we deliver six days a week at the time of the customers’ choice, and are available all day at any time of the week to talk through any enquiries.

Here’s why London’s top restaurants choose Paradise Seafood:

  • Superior Quality – we source from multiple manufacturers and our experience offers you the best advice.
  • Competitive Pricing – due to our extensive stock levels we can offer our customers the best rates.
  • Consistency – our frozen storage distribution centre in Watford has the capacity to stock in excess of 2,500 pallets.

We ensure all our produce comes direct from leading manufacturers to our customers at a very competitive price. Our range of products has been carefully selected to ensure we offer a wide variety of choice.

Looking to the future, we adapt to the continuous changing markets and new tendencies in the food market, diversifying in our products enabling us to grow day to day and offer our clients, original high quality products. We also supply exotic species from around the world. We understand the pressure to reduce the number of suppliers in order to keep administrative costs low. Our goal is to be the preferred partner in today’s high-pressure catering environments.

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