Salon Culinaire

Salon Culinaire

This year's Salon Culinaire looks to improve even further on the high standards set in 2018.

The Salon will be held in the Chancellors Suite, where you will have plenty of room for finishing touches and set up of your displays.  Your entry must be complete and ready for judging on Wednesday 27 March by 9.30am, but you may set up your exhibit from Midday on Tuesday 26 March if you wish.

All classes are 'open class' and so the competition is open to all, not restricted to chefs.

Our judges will offer written feedback to all entrants, including advice on how to improve future submissions and your technique.  As always our judges are also very happy to discuss your submission after judging too.

There is no entry fee for the Salon Culinaire.
No accommodation or dinner places are included in the entry, but you may book these as extra items if you would like to attend and stay at the event.


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2019 Salon Culinaire Classes

Afternoon Tea
Suitable and appropriate display of afternoon tea cake selection, four varieties, each with three pieces. (12 pieces in total).   Area of display must not exceed 45x45cm.  This class will be tasted.

Coffee Shop Style Sponge Cake
A baked sponge cake of the competitor’s choice.  Any shape is permitted, but must not exceed 30cm width. This class will be tasted.

Cookie Dough Based Challenge
Present a selection of three types of freshly baked innovative cookies of your choice, four of each type (Total 12) This class will be tasted.

Decorative Exhibit
A decorative exhibit using a single food medium of the competitor’s choice e.g: sugar, chocolate, marzipan, pastillage, salt paste, fat. Area of display not to exceed 60x60cm.  This class will not be tasted.

Novelty Decorated Cake
A novelty cake coated and decorated to the competitor’s choice.  A dummy cake base may be used.  Area of display not to exceed 40x40cm.  This class will not be tasted.

Novelty Themed 4-inch Cake
A novelty cake of any flavour to be suitably decorated based on the theme of sport, the cake can be any shape but must not exceed a diameter of 4’’/11cm. This item will be tasted.

Plated Vegetarian or Vegan Main Course
Two different main courses for a VIP fine dining event, with budget food cost of £5. Plates to be suitably accompanied with vegetables/potatoes/garnish.  This class will not be tasted.

Restaurant Plated Dessert (two different desserts)
Two individual portions of a plated dessert.  Maximum plate size 30cm.  This class will not be tasted.

Tray Bake
A freshly made innovative tray bake selection three flavours (four portions of each) presented for retail sales of the competitor’s choice. This class will be tasted. 40cm x 40cm display area.
If you have any queries regarding your entry or booking please call the TUCO Competitions team on 0344 571 7281 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are now closed for entries.



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