TUCO has launched a 'swap shop' via its forum to encourage members to swap/donate unused kitchen equipment to peers, thereby supporting sustainability initiatives.

Do you have spare kitchen equipment or front-of-house products that you no longer need?

You can now use the TUCO member forum to organise swapping or selling this equipment to your peers.

Simply start a new topic, under the category ‘TUCO Member Swap Shop’, detailing:

  • What equipment you have to offer
  • The condition of the equipment
  • Details on the make/model
  • Estimated life expectancy of the equipment
  • Images of the equipment
  • Whether you’d like to swap, sell, request a charitable donation for the equipment, or are happy to give it away free
  • Your location & whether you can offer delivery or how you’d like them collected
  • Your contact details

Other members can then reply to the post if they are interested or require further information.

We request that you only list items that are in good working order, and that are simply surplus to requirements at your institution.

Please note, you must be a TUCO member and have a web account to use the forum.