Aerobic Technologies designed and builds the ATL Aerobic Digesters in the UK. The ATL Aerobic Digester disposes of food waste cleanly and efficiently on site thus eliminating the need for storage and collection of the waste. This reduces the carbon footprint at the same time as reducing vermin control costs and waste truck movements on site.

The ATL Aerobic Digester operates an aerobic digestion system to process food waste. Aerobic digestion allows the food to be aerated speeding up the breakdown of waste. The inoculant formula was developed by the The School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham. ATL digesters are capable of processing between 10 to 500 kilos of food waste in a single 24 hour period. The process is very economical, using less than 2.5kWh of electricity per day for a typical installation.

ATL Aerobic Digesters also record the food waste added and operators can select the source of the food waste using the touch screen. The data is then displayed in the ATL portal so that managers can see the volumes of food waste coming from each source, enabling them to take appropriate action to reduce food waste.