In 2000, fair and ethically traded goods were starting to become mainstream for consumers, but not for caterers. In fact, there was no easy way for the foodservice sector to offer Fairtrade beverages because everything was geared towards the consumer market.

Our founders - contract caterers James Roberts and Peter Goodey - set out to change this when they created Peros. With a promise to always supply caterers with Fairtrade products if possible, we grew to become the largest independent distributor of Fairtrade to the foodservice sector in the UK. And, along the way, we like to think we helped Fairtrade become mainstream for foodservice.

Even though we’re much bigger now, we’re still here to help. We’re still as committed to Fairtrade, ethical trading and sustainability as you are. And we’d like to carry on growing in the same way - by forming lasting partnerships between customers, employees and suppliers. 

Peros way. ‘Fairtrade for foodservice’ - amazing coffee and so much more.

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