With a rich heritage spanning over 200 years, we pride ourselves on combining our deep-rooted traditions with a modern and forward-thinking approach to doing business. Fro humble beginnings as a sugar and rum trading company in the 1830s, the company has been through a series of transformations over the decades, which have seen it evolve into one of the UK’s leading foodservice distributors, holding the Royal Warrant since 1863.  
We provide an extensive range of Frozen, Ambient and Chilled products as well as a comprehensive range of Non-Food items and Catering Equipment. Currently 40% of our total turnover is attributed to the supply of Ambient products, 33% is attributed to the supply of Frozen products, 15% is attributed to the supply of Chilled products, 7% is attributed to Fresh Mea and 5% is attributed to the supply of Non-Food products and Catering Equipment.
We have coverage in England, Scotland and Wales and we use a ‘Hub and Spoke’ distribution network, ensuring flexible, continuous and efficient supply. Our estate includes;

  • 16 local depots
  • 3 combined local/hub depots
  • 3 third party consolidation depots
  • 2 Catering Equipment depots

We aim to offer our customers an all round great foodservice that is more than just the distribution and supply of foodstuffs. We bring to the table a wealth of industry knowledge and associated skills that we love to share with our customers in order to help them achieve their goals and grow.

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