Our story starts back in 1985 when our founder first started selling coffee in the heart of Bristol. A deep passion for quality backed by first class customer service has been the backbone of our success and has paved the way for year on year growth since our conception.

3 generations on, we remain true to our heritage and work side by side with inspiring and hard-working producers, baristas and businesses that share our vision to create a unique experience. We believe that by collaborating with other coffee experts with diverse knowledge and different stories we have created something that has the true meaning of `special`.  Coffee is our passion. We are dedicated to roasting only the highest quality coffees so that all our customers can enjoy the finest flavours – every cup being a truly memorable experience. Our state-of-the-art roastery incorporates the latest automation guaranteeing consistency in every batch. 

As it is a product of extensive care and dedication, we honour that work by roasting carefully to bring out all the flavours, so each coffee can tell its own story – coloured by its own heritage.

To uphold this, we run our Brand Champion Programme, ensuring your team know how to create and maintain the WOW factor.

Being as passionate about consistency and quality as we are about providing innovative coffee concepts, we will help you to grow a loyal customer base; enabling your team to produce the best product to the best standards, time after time. Selling that ‘second cup’ is what motivates us and it’s no secret to what is needed, but it’s a fine art to make it a reality.

Our commitment is to bring you the ultimate coffee experience, one that is responsibly produced from seed to cup. This isn’t merely ideology; it is everyday practice.

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