Mrs. J C Altham & Sons are a 5th generation family run and owned butchers who specialise in the supply and production of high class meats and fine foods for Chefs nationwide. The 4th generation still farm which allows access to market information from the farmer to the customer. At certain times of the year we can supply our own meat from our own farm.

The Directors of the business are very clear in the vision, culture and strategy of Althams to allow growth and engagement for the years ahead.

Althams are committed to the production of quality meat/food. It is a fundamental requirement of these foods that they are safe to eat, and that they are produced in accordance with current legislation. This will be achieved by the implementation of HACCP based food safety, a formalised Quality Management System and Good Manufacturing Principles.

Management input is aimed at the continual development of the strategies and policies for the quality programs within the Company. Active decisions are taken at all stages to evaluate the most relevant techniques to adopt to forward our assurance programs on quality, food safety, hygiene and training. We are committed to the maintenance of the quality management system by committing to human and financial resource that allows this process to continue.

The assurance program is ultimately implemented by the Directors who are responsible for food safety and quality. This is overseen by the site management team ensuring that all minimum standards including Grade AA of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Red Tractor Assurance Scheme, AHDB Quality Standard Mark and Beef Labelling Scheme are all being met.

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