Nutritics is designed to support university catering across a broad range of areas including Food Safety, Menu Management, Digital Ordering, Food Labelling and Nutrition Insights. Our mission is to deliver value and help you succeed. Our core catering management functionality is supported by a unique focus on health and wellness, which provides an additional opportunity to facilitate educational campaigns amongst students and staff on nutrition, allergens and optimal food choices. This commitment is demonstrated by the establishment of the not for profit www.natashaslaw.org initiative by Nutritics to assist universities in implementing this forthcoming legislation change.

The role of technology in university kitchens is becoming critically important. Optimal budgetary management, operating efficiencies and enhanced customer experiences are all driven through technology. Partnering with the right kitchen management software provider is a key moment in the evolution of any university’s technology journey. Each university needs a partner that can both understand and fulfil their needs. Nutritics is uniquely positioned to deliver this.

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