Sugro Distribution founded in 1992, was formed to provide national and regional clients with a delivery service for a wider variety of food and no-food requirements. We have a nationwide wholesale distribution network of over 84 members, with every part of the UK covered including offshore islands and Northern Ireland.

Through our independent wholesaler members, we can ensure SDL provides clients with a quality of service not found in many other national wholesale chains. Our wholesalers are locally based and therefore closer to their target market. Their swift service is built upon many years’ experience of multi-drop wholesale distribution. They are specialists in what they do and their reputations often precede them.

Retailers are not our only customers. The product range extends to catering and vending products. If you have purchased from a vending machine recently, there is a good chance that one of our wholesalers provided the stock to the vending operator. As for catering, our customer base comprises, amongst others, places of work, private businesses, public bodies and leisure providers.

SDL represents:

  • A national delivered wholesale network
  • Extensive available product range
  • Live and operational
  • Competitive pricing
  • Efficient operators, close to your customer base
  • High service levels consistently achieved
  • Underpinned by robust systems architecture
  • Supported by Sugro UK, the biggest independent delivered wholesalers in the UK.

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