ScoMac Catering Equipment are a UK wide business specialising in the design, specification, manufacture, installation and servicing of all aspect of the modern commercial kitchen, servery, café and bar. We have offices in Livingston, Leeds, Birmingham and Cambridge. This is supported by our in-house design team, joinery manufacturing shop, sheet metal factory and large engineering team.

We can support your business from the first stroke of a pencil to the final turn of a screw. Delivering innovative, interesting, cost effective and efficient designs that inspire customers, are pleasant for staff to work in and ultimately offer solid investment for capital through their durable construction which offers extended life cycles and low maintenance costs as the years progress. We pride ourselves in not only showing recent projects to clients but showing them projects that are years old and still look a million bucks. Almost every aspect of your project is inspired, controlled, manufactured and installed by our in-house staff. In avoiding sub-contractors we can control the quality and delivery of every aspect of your project.