The SeeWoo Group is a modern modern importer, wholesaler,  distributor retailer and manufacturer of East & South East Asian food products. We are a leading ingredients and food solutions supplier to the food service, restaurant, retail, wholesale and hospitality sectors.

The SeeWoo Group comprises of:-

SeeWoo UK Ltd - a modern food partner for businesses looking  to source authentic East & South East Asian food products for their businesses. Products include:- fresh, frozen and ambient catering and retail lines including canned goods, sauces, rice, noodles, snacks, drinks, desserts, vegetables, dumplings and dim sum, bubble tea, spices and ingredients.

SeeWoo Chinatown Ltd – Our flagship retail store established in 1975, the largest supermarket in London Chinatown, servicing local, student, tourist and restaurant communities.

SeeWoo Glasgow Ltd - Our superstore in Glasgow supplying end consumers and local businesses with authentic ingredients.

Way-On Foods Ltd – Our BRC A grade manufacturing site, supplying food service, restaurants, retailers and hospitality with authentic South East Asian sustainable products like vegan rice noodles, chilli oils and dumplings.

SeeWoo is a family business started by our late Chairman and Founder, Stanley Tse. Stanley  founded SeeWoo in the UK in 1975 after emigrating in the 1960s. Stanley began his long career in the food industry as an owner or Chinese restaurants, and has been a fundamental contributor to the growth and development of the Chinese and South East Asian food sector in the UK. Stanley was the first person to introduce Pak Choy to the UK!

Stanley's daughter Lucy Tse-Mitchell has been the Managing Director of the SeeWoo Group since 2017. Lucy has modernised the business and today's SeeWoo Group offers customers a full circle food partnership from sourcing ingredients, to menu and retail offering development, with a sustainable manufacturing solution to help control costs, achieve volume and ensure consistency of products.

SeeWoo provides its customers with a full circle, sustainable solution offering authentic products in a food safe way.  We can help TUCO members enhance menus and retail offerings with popular East & South East Asian products which will have wide appeal to TUCO members diverse customer base.

- Over 45 years experience in the S E Asian food sector

- Highly competent food technical team

- Temperature controlled vehicle fleet

- BRC AA accredited manufacturing / CPU site

- Modern wholesale and distribution sites

- Sophisticated NPD facilities

- FIFO stock rotation (3 months)

- Contract pricing

- Authentic products and extensive cuisine knowledge teamed with modern service levels