Sheringhams are purveyors and suppliers of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, frozen and dried goods.

All products are sourced from technically approved suppliers, undergoing a documented auditing process. Any processed product manufacturers are required to hold an independent third party accreditation certificate preferably at BRC level. Product specifications are reviewed in depth – and assessed for Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment, and the HACCP process evaluated for its critical parameters. Only fully approved suppliers are then listed for authorised purchase to commence. All Quality systems within Sheringhams Fine Foods are accredited by support Training Services (STS), under the government body of, British Retail Consortium, (BRC) global standards for Storage and Distribution, issue 2. Sheringhams Fine Foods has gained Red Tractor accreditation for all its Fresh Fruit and Vegetables which are bought through the Red Tractor scheme, to assure the British goods are the preferred products of choice.

We are up to date with Allergen Legislation and we are able to provide spreadsheets with the relevant information. Our Internal environmental performance monitoring is done on an annual basis, where we closely examine our use of all consumables products, e.g. toner cartridges are re filled, lighting is on a sensor system, any paper used is from a recyclable source, and delivery boxes are plastic which means they can be used endless amounts of times cutting down on waste. Sheringhams Fine Foods, work with its suppliers to reduce secondary packaging where possible, thus reducing several tons of waste annually. All waste leaving our unit goes through the New Covent Garden authorities, award winning scheme, where all Organic waste is sent to a pig farm in Oxford, all card and plastic goes for further recycling, and general waste is made into floc bales, for incineration.

With regards to our Carbon foot print for goods, we work under the Red Tractor scheme, where we actively work to purchase British goods, thus reducing the food mile to market. This scheme is audited on an annual basis by the Red Tractor accreditation scheme. We have a dedicated temperature controlled fleet of 40 vehicles with the majority of which are no more than 3 years old. They are fitted with the most modern maintenance systems, which gives a dash board display of any mechanical issues needing attention, which in turn reduces its emissions and wear and tear on its consumable parts. When a driver has communicated any delivery disruptions, the office clerk will then contact the customer, via the submitted telephone contact number, and give them an update, and continue to do so, until such time as the delivery and been made.

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