Lucozade Ribena Suntory is now Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I.  Don't worry, we're still the proud owners of Lucozade and Ribena alongside other fantastic brands.

We want to revolutionise the soft drinks world. In true Yatte Minahare style, we’re on a mission to quench the world’s thirst for amazing flavours with exciting, life-enhancing drinks.

Every one of us at Suntory GB&I plays a massive part in creating soft drinks brands that stand out from the crowd. And a combination of European, Japanese and British influences make us culturally unique. We’re proud to be part of the Suntory Group - one of the most innovative food and drink companies in the world.

Our iconic brands, including Lucozade and Ribena, are at our heart and loved by consumers throughout the world. These brands have evolved with more than 85 years of knowledge, insight and expertise. And today, our thirst for innovation and desire to create some of the nation’s best-loved drinks is still going strong. We’ll never stop refreshing, revitalising and loving what we do. You could say we’ve got a taste for it.

Our business ethics are based around realising the core principle of Suntory’s philosophy of ‘Follow your Nature.’

This philosophy can be understood through our mission to ‘Create Harmony with People and Nature’ which is enabled by the vision to ‘Grow for Good’ and is driven by our values that reflect our organisation’s culture - a pioneering spirit driven by our Yatte Minahare attitude and giving back to society.

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