From its early beginnings, nearly 30 years ago, Tuck Box has been making sandwiches from its Hampshire Kitchen in the heart of the Test Valley, famous for its chalk stream trout fishing.

The sectors we work with are wide and varied from education, travel, hospitality, health, retail, tourism and much more. We supply large universities, hospitals & tourist attractions but equally we’re proud to assist small independent coffee shops and village run stores. We are frequently asked to provide a bespoke menu which might comprise of artisan breads, specially brought in local ingredients or bespoke packaging with a client’s own logo. It’s all this bespoke work that differentiates us from the rest.

When CEOs, Food & Beverage Directors and Catering Managers invite us in because they are worried about keeping up with peaks and troughs in demand, or they’re frustrated by late deliveries, lack of care and inflexibility from their existing supplier, or maybe just fed up with making their own, we don’t start off by talking about ourselves. Instead we start by asking questions about their business, what makes them tick, their needs, their hopes, their frustrations, even what keeps them awake at night. More often, than not, we’re able to offer a solution, but occasionally we can’t and, if that’s the case, we’re honest about saying so.

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