Partner Overview

As the university sector’s go-to pizza experts, we pride ourselves on working closely with caterers to provide the right pizza solution that will excite students and become a part of campus life.

From vegan dishes to Mexican flavours, the latest taste trends are transforming pizzas for a younger generation. With our expertise, caterers can start to unlock their profit potential, appealing to the 65% of 18-34 year olds ordering pizza each month*.

With the help of our vegan Raw Dough Pizza Base – which rises in the oven for the first time – caterers can deliver freshly-baked pizzas to order without the headache and wastage of dough pucks. The ten-inch rising dough pizza base comes topped with a classic tomato passata, ready to complement any flavour topping from BBQ jackfruit to sweet chilli beef.

Alongside the vegan Raw Dough Pizza Base, Dr. Oetker Professional has a full range of pizza solutions tailored for universities, with the popular Chicago Town Range including Takeaway, Deep Dish Pizza, Garlic Dough Balls and our unique food –to-go concept, Chicago Town Pizza to Go.

The fully loaded 13cm Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza brings the taste of the nation’s favourite
^ direct to university campuses, whilst the Garlic Dough Balls works well across starters, sides and sharing platters. Stuffed and coated with garlic and parsley, the part-baked ciabatta dough balls cook in a matter of minutes, making them ideal for busy university kitchens.

Pizza to Go brings a new dimension to the popular Chicago Town Takeaway Pizza with a fully-branded hot hold that not only maintains the ideal temperature, but also increases pizza appeal front of house.

Reflecting the latest flavour and taste trends including street food and BBQ, our Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas are made with a unique rising dough base that’s not pre-cooked, helping caterers to bring an authentic takeaway experience straight to your student community.

Whether it be on-trend pizzas at the canteen, delivering the ultimate pairing at the bar or innovative ways to enhance accommodation facilities, our experienced team are with you every step of the way to get a slice of the action.

* Technomic’s Status & Outlook of the U.K. Pizza Category and Its Customers  ^IRI data is – 25th May 2019

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