Partner Overview

Theo’s food company is first and foremost a family business with a real passion for food and as such we take great pride in and are committed to delivering the highest standard of customer care and service.It all began in 1990 when our company founder Chris Gavriel started to market and sell a unique blend of marinated chicken in the town of Burntwood in Staffordshire form which Theo’s Food Company was born. Theo’s current headquarters at Aldridge in the West Midlands was purpose built and include a state of the art production facility.

Theo’s deliver a range of Chicken based food solutions and service packages to provide a powerful alternative to established high street brands. Our high-quality product is supported with flexible menu options designed to grow your business. A healthy eating alternative presented with strong brand imagery gives your customers a consistent quality product, tailored to support a balanced diet. Equally important is the ease of preparation and serving options which make our products both simple to handle and practical to provide. Theo’s are producers and distributors of Grade ‘A’ marinated chicken and other catering products throughout the UK.