Partner Overview

UCC are proud to partner with TUCO and introduce our Total Coffee Solution

Students want good quality, great tasting coffee delivered in a slick and frictionless manner - no matter where it’s from.

With a bespoke, data-driven approach to your business leveraged on our years of experience and expertise, we can help drive double digit growth in your business.

We supply the best coffee machines, award-winning coffee beans, leading preventative and maintenance engineers and unique COFFEEWORKS training with ongoing performance evaluations.

When coupled with our industry-leading insight and tailored marketing support, our Total Coffee Solution means we can grow your coffee business faster than the market.

Gen Z’s increasing interactions with the likes of food delivery apps, self-checkout machines, e-commerce and bean-to-cup coffee machines are giving students enhanced expectations of grab-and-go convenience and new levels of autonomy.

‘Elevated convenience’ in coffee is growing and competition is intensifying*. UCC TO GO is a futureproofed solution for our future generations that you can truly own and deliver in the luxurious, convenient and hygienic way students want.

UCC TO GO is the only award-winning premium automated grab-and-go coffee machine which allows you to choose what suits your outlet. Choose from your brand, a well-known high street coffee brand or one of our own UCC leading consumer brands such as Lyons, Ueshima, Grand Café or Orang Utan.