As part of our Strategic Partnership with the Menus of Change and the Culinary Institute of America, the TUCO Academy is supporting the facilitation for TUCO members attendance at the 25th Worlds Of Flavor International Conference and Festival 2023. This event is taking place from the 8th to the 10th of November at their centre in Copia, Napa Valley, U.S.A. There will also be an opportunity to visit other US Universities including Stanford and meet members of the dining and accommodation team prior to the conference.



As a new generation raised on global cuisines makes its way in the world, the expanding consumer base of knowledgeable eaters expects to see a broad span of the flavours reflected in the restaurants they visit. At the same time, thanks to the discourse of the last few decades – and most strikingly the past few years – these consumers also have a growing awareness and appreciation for questions around cultural authenticity, appropriation, and ownership. But these are bigger questions than just “Can I put kimchi in a quesadilla?” As chefs and operators respond to these expectations, there’s an implicit requirement from their audience that they balance authenticity and innovation. But what does authenticity even mean, anyway? What does it mean to have ownership of a recipe, or a tradition, or a cuisine?

Some food traditions carry with them an implied cultural requirement that they remain frozen in amber, true to an authenticity defined in the past, and unable to be considered “real” as they evolve with space and time. Meanwhile, some dishes and cuisines come with the full freedom to reflect lived experiences – or even have their norms imposed on other cultures.  What’s the difference, who do we expect to make the distinction, and can any of this change?

These questions have been critical in righting a host of long-standing wrongs, but they’ve also left chefs and restaurateurs wondering: how do we do this right? How do we embrace food traditions and appropriately contextualise our inspiration while also demonstrating the innovation the market demands?

Who is this for?

This event is for thought leaders, decision makers, and policy visionaries from food service operations in the TUCO membership, who would like to explore the world flavours from the experts in the industry! 

Bursary places

There will be bursary places available free of charge and the TUCO Academy will be accepting applications up to the closing date of the 15th of September 2023 through the following form: Bursary Application Form Please do not use the booking form button on the right.

Why should I take part?

Join the CIA with TUCO for the 25th anniversary of Worlds of Flavor, where they’ll explore the urgency and opportunity in what’s changed in the 25 years since this conference started, as well as what to expect from the next 25 years. They will dive deep into food and flavour, with a backbone of critical understanding about the evolution of the food world.  And learn from chefs who are driving some of the most recognised signature flavours and concepts of our time.

The Culinary Institute of America’s Worlds of Flavor® International Conference & Festival is widely acknowledged as our USAs most influential professional forum on world cuisines, food cultures, and flavour trends.

Each year, the Worlds of Flavor conference welcomes a distinguished group of presenting chefs and other experts from around the world and across the United States to the college’s historic Napa Valley campus to explore the best of world cuisines that are reshaping American palates and our industry. Now in its 25th anniversary edition, this annual gathering of professionals is the “must attend” for leading chefs, corporate menu decision-makers, foodservice management executives, suppliers, and media.

How will it help me?

During the event, you will benefit from…

  • An opportunity to engage in dialogue with not only boundary-pushing foodservice industry peers but also a diverse cross-section of leading chefs from all over the globe
  • Hear from award winning chefs and restaurateurs
  • Attend culinary workshops with tastings and demonstrated cooking techniques
  • Attend the World Marketplace for comparative tastings and experience the sights, smells and sounds of interactive food receptions
  • A visit to Stanford University and AN other and meeting the Dining and Accommodation team

What’s included?

  • Transport to the USA and the Summit
  • Overnight accommodation during your stay
  • All site visits including entry to the Summit
  • Food and drink each day

What’s not included?

Anything not listed on the itinerary including, but not limited to:

  • Additional drinks, room service, trips not on the itinerary etc. 

Provisional Itinerary:

A provisional itinerary and costs will be made available closer to the time. Final itineraries will be emailed approx. 1 week prior to the event commencement. 

Flight details are as follows (please note the schedule has changed slightly from 12/09/23):

05-Nov-23       London Heathrow – San Francisco Airport                         13:05/16:15

11-Nov-23       San Francisco Airport – London Heathrow                         18:40/12:55*

*Arriving the following day

You can find out more about the conference and the Culinary Institute of America here.



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