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  • Wales Regional Meetings 2022

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    Throughout 2021 lockdowns, online regional meetings have proved very popular with our members for networking opportunities and sharing information on how our various institutions are dealing with the pandemic.  We hope to be able to return to at least one 'face-to-face' meeting per year during 2022 but for the time being we will continue with the online format.

    In this section, all paperwork relating to meetings will be posted for your information.  

    NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday 7th September 2022 online via Teams

  • North West Regional Meetings 2022

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    Throughout the lockdown periods, we have been holding a series of 'virtual' meetings for our regional members which have proved very popular and invaluable in keeping the communication flowing between our member institutions.  We are hoping to re-introduce face-to-face meetings during 2022 but initially we will keep the format of the online meetings.

    In this section, we will be attaching the paperwork from our meetings for your information.

    NEXT MEETING:  Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th September 2022 to coincide with the Brakes Food Event at the University of Chester.  More details to follow.