We offer members a variety of tools and resources to help you on your journey towards sustainability.


TUCO has launched a ground-breaking greenhouse gas footprint calculator. The application is an exciting new tool that enables caterers to easily calculate the greenhouse gas footprint of their menus. The innovative calculator is available for free online.

The calculator is extremely simple to use, with only a few drop-down steps to follow. By selecting ingredients and inserting quantities the total greenhouse gases will be displayed, along with the emissions per serving in grams.

Helen explains: “I thought this was a great idea and fitted well within my area of expertise as I've worked on food greenhouse gas footprinting. I’m keen to contribute to projects that provide tools for institutions to move forward with sustainable food.”

The calculator was initially piloted at three institutions and feedback showed that all wanted to see such information on menu displays and learn more about its meaning.

“I can see the calculator being a very helpful tool with some interesting and diverse consequences. As far as I know, this is the first calculator of its kind, so I think TUCO deserve recognition for their forward thinking and innovation.”

- Helen Harwatt.


A collaboration between NWUPCNEUPC and TUCO is now providing all TUCO suppliers with access to a free, online tool that helps them create a Sustainability Action Plan for their business. The tool is designed to support and develop the supply chain as part of an ongoing commitment to embedding sustainability in procurement process. A key feature of the tool is the inclusion of content specifically addressing the requirements of the new Modern Slavery Act, individual universities will also have the opportunity to send the tool to their own supply chains through a reduced member rate.

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Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person's liberty by another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

TUCO Ltd is committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.

The TUCO statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement.

For full details on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 visit the Government website.


TUCO work together with MSC to form a three tier group entity involving TUCO Head Office, University Head Office, University Kitchen. Accredited Members demonstrate a valid ‘chain of custody’ from certified fisheries to the dishes they serve which means they can then use the MSC Ecolabel on their menus.

Below you will find all the documents TUCO members are required to complete to join the Chain of Custody Scheme that TUCO offer.