Some institutions may not have their own specialist marketing resources or access to a marketing department that understands the needs of catering and hospitality. In this Day Course, you will develop marketing planning methods, identify what is and what is not 'marketing' and get the tools to begin to effectively market your function(s).


Who is this for?

Any Retail or Commercial Leader who would like to see real benefits from using targeted marketing activities.

Why should I take part?

Learn how to rapidly take stock of your institution's marketing needs and prioritise them. This course will assist individuals in rapidly taking stock of their departments marketing needs and prioritising them. It then goes on to address the planning, resolution and delivery elements.

This course covers the methods and techniques needed to identify marketing opportunities and issues. You will learn that marketing can be done well without a formal team, so long as management have the insight into where and what needs doing.

How will it help me?

During the event, you will…

  • Learn about allocating an appropriate marketing budget
  • Learn how to identify market opportunities as they arise 
  • Develop methods of planning the markets for your business
  • Identify what is and what is not 'marketing'

Following the event, you will…

  • Be able to define your department's USPs (unique selling propositions - the root of the marketing activity) 
  • Be able to present your new-found vision to your staff, your investors and other stakeholders 
  • Have learnt how to articulate your value propositions in customer terms 
  • Understand the costs and benefits of marketing activities 
  • Be confident in your understanding of 'marketing'

Provisional Itinerary:

0900: Delegates to arrive at The University of South Wales by this time for registration
0930: Start of course
1100: Break - Tea and Coffee
1130: Course Continues
1230: Lunch 
1330: Course Continues
1445: Break
1500: Course Continues
1600: End of Course

Please note, this is subject to change. Final itineraries will be uploaded to your Dashboard approx. 1 week prior to event commencement.


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University of South Wales
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