A full week of coffee immersion for baristas seeking to refine and build on their coffee knowledge and expertise as well as their leadership skills.


Who  is this for?

Baristas who are involved in training and monitoring standards in a multi-site operation. Basic barista knowledge and experience is required. This event is also ideal for any barista who is interested in competing at the TUCO Competitions when they return. (Previous attendees have gone on to win awards at the TUCO competitions.)

Why should I take part?

A full week of coffee immersion, this course is designed for barista trainers looking to refine and build on their coffee knowledge, skills, and expertise. In addition, the course will develop barista trainers' coaching and training techniques. The course includes a SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certification which is recognised industry wide. Set in Bologna and hosted by Bewley's, delegates will also have the opportunity to absorb and experience Italian coffee culture with dedicated field trips during the course. An inspirational week!

How will it help me?

During the event, you will…

  • Network with like-minded TUCO members working in similar roles at other UK universities, enabling you to exchange innovative ideas, taking new inspiration back to your own institution
  • Equip yourself with a new knowledge and appreciation of Coffee
  • Achieve a Speciality Coffee Association certification
  • Understand the origins and processes of coffee
  • Learn how the coffee equipment is built
  • Explore sensory skills
  • Master the art of cupping
  • Understand the science behind roasting
  • Learn about extraction principles and how to work industrial coffee machines
  • Understand and appreciate the coffee culture
  • Develop new milk techniques including pouring
  • Develop the principles of latte art
  • Learn group training techniques to take back to your institution to be able to continue the training and continuous development of staff

Following the event you will...

  • Have a certification in Speciality Coffee Association
  • Have the confidence to train and lead teams
  • Be able to enhance your coffee offerings within your establishment

What’s included?

  • Return flights to Bologna
  • Hotel accommodation,
  • All travel during whilst on the study tour
  • Full immersive training each day
  • All meals and refreshments.

What’s not included?

Anything not listed on the itinerary including, but not limited to:

  • Travel to and from the tour
  • Additional drinks, room service, etc. 

Provisional Itinerary:

A provisional itinerary for this study tour will be made available shortly. Please note, this is subject to change. Final itineraries will be available approx. 1 week prior to Tour commencement.


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  • I can’t see a particular course/training, can you run it?

    If you are interested in receiving training that is not already offered by TUCO Academy, pop us an email or give us a call and we will see if we can source it for you. By going through TUCO Academy you will be able to purchase the training at a subsidised rate and if you can offer the training to other members it will reduce the cost further. 

    Does this answer your question? If not, you can contact us directly.

  • Can I request a course or development day be held at my organisation?

    The TUCO Academy has worked hard to offer all training at a subsidised price, agreeing reduced corporate contract rates with hotels etc. - yet still understands the benefits of in-house training. To that end, working alongside the professional trainers, TUCO Academy can arrange for events to be held at your own institution, for no extra cost. 

    Does this answer your question? If not, you can contact us directly.

  • Who can use the training with TUCO Academy?

    All professional development events are available for ANY staff in institutions who are members of TUCO, not just employees in the hospitality, catering and commercial services department.

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  • Can I book on behalf of someone else in my organisation?

    Yes – the person making the booking doesn’t have to attend.

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  • How do I pay for my professional development event?

    You can opt to pay by credit card on the booking form directly or select to pay by invoice. If you need to submit a purchase order this can be entered in the booking form.

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