Introducing the 2020 TUCO Conference: Managing Disruption and Change in a VUCA World.

Wednesday 18 November: 10am-4pm followed by evening event

This year’s TUCO Conference will be an interactive and engaging virtual event replacing our normal face to face offer – meaning even more of your teams than usual will be able to attend and add to their professional development.

The conference theme VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is based on adapting quickly to changing circumstances, concentrating on disruptive innovation and optimism in an industry that has been hard hit by recent events. Managing teams and resources in a VUCA environment can take its toll on all aspects of the business, affecting the decision making processes you have and un-nerving employees but it can be used advantageously! We’ll be looking at how to inspire the TUCO membership in unlocking the power of modifying processes, people and products during rapid alterations in their external environment without losing core values. 



Tony Hunter: Change in the hospitality industry is increasing exponentially. Disrupters from within, but also outside the industry, are changing what customers will eat and drink in the coming years. In the midst of this disruption, the decisions you make will influence how successfully you manage your business. With a background as a food scientist and over three decades experience in the food industry, Tony has witnessed and participated in huge transformations. He has developed a limitless appetite for the new Food Technologies, becoming one of the worlds thought leaders on the Future of Food. Tony will be looking at the 5 STEPS FOR PLANNING IN A PANDEMIC; We’re in the Horizon of Chaos, where nothing is certain and we need practical, flexible and agile planning.

Graeme Jones from Elite Training: The business world has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and we now live in a connected society where change can be fast-paced, constant and unpredictable, this has been especially prevalent during the last 6 months. While managing teams in this VUCA age you’ll have noticed that an environment like this can demotivate them and sap their motivation and managers will be spending time constantly re-training staff and takes an enormous amount of time and effort to combat. In these instances the chances of people making poor decisions increase, it can paralyse the decision making process and jeopardise long term projects and developments – this all takes it’s toll on an internal culture.
Graeme will be discussing how to manage change in a VUCA world. He’ll look at how you can create a vision by accepting and embracing change with flexible planning and clearly communicating with your teams. Apply management techniques and skills to be more adaptable and agile. And aim to anticipate possible future threats and devise likely responses.

Amanda Ursell is a member of numerous nutrition and dietetic societies and has recently been appointed a Fellow of The Royal Society of Health. She is a former health columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Find out more about Amanda and her work.

Tony Manwani from PeopleUnboxed: There were 595,000 work - related mental health cases last year and the Institute For Studies warns that there may be hundreds of thousands more, as a result of COVID – 19. Mental health in the UK worsened substantially in the first 2 months of lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic – by 8.1% on average and by much more for young adults and for women which are groups that already had lower levels of mental health before Covid-19. 
Tony delivers Mental Health First Aid Training to a number of companies and will be discussing the benefits of looking after the wellbeing of students and employees in work, challenging the stigma of mental health, identifying signs and symptoms, supporting individual and team wellbeing and signposting to support organisations.

Eric Montell is the Executive Director of Residential and Dining Enterprises at Stanford University in California. He’ll be doing a short presentation on what Stanford is doing in these unprecedented times and will take some pre-sent questions from members. 


Join our TUCO Partners for a virtual exhibition which will run throughout the whole day and will give you the opportunity to speak to new suppliers about upcoming products and services. The exhibition will be free to browse in your own time, however appointments will be required for discussion slots with partners. Slots will be available to book in advance, or on the day. 


The Great TUCO Cook Off: Black Tie & Slippers

Wednesday 18 November: 6pm - 7:30pm

Jlogooin us after the conference for a TUCO first: a live cookalong and evening meal. Supported by TUCO suppliers Funnybones and LWC Drinks, you will be sent the ingredients you need to put together an incredible two course meal, live and in real-time alongside a chef. Awards and certification will be distributed for the best dishes created! You will then sit down and enjoy your meal on 'tables' with your colleagues, in a virtual breakout room.

Dress code will be black tie and slippers - but don't worry, it's optional! Spaces for the cook off are closed. Booking deadline for the cook off ingredients pack was 23 October. If you haven't booked in time you are still welcome to join us - please still complete the form with who you would like to be 'seated' with.



The TUCO Conference is free of charge for full members, including the evening event. Associate members will be required to pay £99+VAT