Join the TUCO Chef's Forum today!

A chance for you to improve the visibility of our role within the sector, share best practice, and gain advice from other chefs. Feel free to print out the flyer at the end of this page to display within your institutions.

 What’s it all about?

  • A group of chefs from the TUCO membership institutions meet regularly to communicate about all things food & kitchen and discuss how to work collaboratively
  • Hot topics include:
    • Food Concepts
    • Menus
    • Food Safety
    • Software
    • Challenges
    • Work Experience & Job Swaps
    • TUCO Academy opportunities

What would I gain?

  • Understanding the Menus of Change and other sustainability initiatives
  • More information on chef’s training – we’d love to support your development
  • Advice around employment pipelines
  • How can we better our communication across kitchens
  • How can we pursue opportunities for business partnerships
  • …and lots more!

Tell me more about the meetings…

  • 4 times a year, mainly online
  • Meetings last around 2 hours
  • Contribute as much as you’d like, or simply have a listen!

How do I sign up?

  • Contact Graeme Collie (Exec Chef at King’s Food – King’s College London) for more information: [email protected] 

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