Black History Month is a national celebration with hundreds of events planned across the UK in October. This year, we focus on “saluting our sisters”, to honour the role black women have played in shaping British history and inspiring change across literature, music, fashion, sport, business, politics, academia, social and health care, and more.  It’s an opportunity to bring people together, share stories and indulge in some of our favourite foods.

And it’s no coincidence that National Jamaican Jerk Day also occurs in October (the 4th Sunday of the month), an annual celebration of this seasoning that is wrapped up in a cultural way of life for Jamaicans, that is so much more than food.  Jerk is an important cultural symbol in Jamaica, it carries the history of the culinary fusion of the indigenous Taino and African people living in Jamaica and the food ingredients and cooking techniques they developed.

Traditional jerk is hard to replicate, the authentic heat and the intense flavours of allspice, Scotch Bonnet chillies, ginger and thyme are complex, so using jerk paste or seasoning from a traditional Jamaican supplier is essential. 

With nearly 3 million jars of jerk sold every year, we are the UK’s #1 jerk supplier – no surprise really as our product is made in Jamaica, and our new Honey Jerk Seasoning delivers a delicious, sweet heat that is just perfect for grilling.  Made with real honey, it’s a sweet, spicy, aromatic Jamaican marinade made with chillies, scallions, honey, herbs and spices.

With a range of jerk sauces and seasonings, we have everything you need to change up your menu this October.  Add a jerk kick to burgers and sausages, marinate chicken, pork even beef, fish and vegetables or mix with some mayonnaise for a more subtle jerk experience.

So, get the grill on and the meat marinading, gather people together and enjoy the authentic taste of jerk as we celebrate Black History Month.