Access Hospitality, providers of the eProcurement system TUCO Online, have put together a social distancing guide, which showcases the technology available to you that will assist in taking some of the angst out of planning and allow you to operate at maximum capacity within the social distancing regulations.

At this point, nobody can say with any degree of certainty what social distancing regulations will be put in place by the Government, or indeed demanded by consumers. We do know however, that in order to reopen restaurants, bars and pubs, there will be a substantial need to review operational practices. 

The impact of this should not be underestimated, as it will affect every element of the business from managing covers, staff training, health and safety compliance through to critical cash flow and whether businesses can open and continue to be viable. For a sector that works to tight margins, reducing cover capacity is going to have a huge impact.

Click here to download the guide.