Menus of Change university research collaborative (MCURC) is a network of colleges and universities using campus dining halls as living laboratories for behaviour change. These are dynamic learning environments where applied research is bridged with operational innovation to advance the Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus. Together we serve over 800,000 meals each day, representing 15 billion meals over the course of our students' lifetimes. They will be tomorrow's leaders, parents, consumers, and citizens. Our impact on their eating habits will not only have a tremendous impact today but can transform the food system for the future.

Back in 2020, the University of Reading became the first university in Europe to become a member of MCURC, had has since taken an active role along with international researchers and food service leaders to seek new and innovative ways to encourage people to choose healthier, more sustainable options, such as replacing red meat with more environmentally friendly protein sources or using reusable drink cups.

"Since the moment Matt Tebbit and his terrific Reading colleagues joined the Collaborative, Matt has been an invaluable contributor, advisor, and source of inspiration, ideas, and connections said Sophie Egan, director at Stanford Food Institute and Sustainable Food Systems and co-director of MCURC. 

"With his appointment to the MCURC Advisory Council, we are pleased to welcome Matt to the dialogue and provide opportunities for enhanced collaborations with other MCURC members on the Council, as well as to recognise his past contributions and ongoing leadership in the MCURC," continued Egan. "We look forward to many future opportunities to deepen the MCURC's work with Reading, TUCO, and other pioneering leaders in the UK to advance healthy and sustainable university food systems."