The TUCO Global Food Trends are being launched at the Winter Conference on 9th December, Charles and his team at The Food People will be following up the launch with three webinars which will deep-dive into each of the mega trends.

It may feel like things haven’t changed significantly since the report last year, and in essence, the lockdowns mean life has been on pause for many. Individual trends have benefited from a boost post pandemic - healthy foods and drinks or comfort foods on the other end of the spectrum. Most of the shifts witnessed are a direct result of the pandemic and the new way of living.

After the last 18 months of chaos, consumers have continued to put health and wellness firmly centre stage and look forward with a mindset of healthy me, healthy planet. This has continued to evolve beyond vitamin-rich, fortified and immunity-boosting. The Millennials and Gen Zs are willing to talk freely and publicly about mental health – this has helped remove the stigma. Products targeting mental focus, clarity and relaxation have been abundant. Snacking is an ingrained part of their eating repertoire, and snacks must now fulfil a multitude of need states above taste and fuel.

In partnership with The Food People, we are delighted to introduce a series of three webinars, which will delve into the specifics of each mega-trend identified in the 2021 Global Food & Beverage Trends report. This is a great opportunity to understand the report in detail, and gain ideas of how to utilise these trends in your own menus.

Click on the links below for more information and to book your place.

  1. Health for All, Conscious Consuming, Plant-based Revolution, Suit Yourself - 13th Dec - 12pm

  2. Imbibing, Having Fun, Sensorial - 15th Dec - 12pm

  3. Trending Tastes, High Brow/Low Brow, Street Food Eats, Global Larder - 17th Dec - 12pm