TUCO supplier Vegetarian Express have opened up their plant-based recipe resource - Seed Bank - to TUCO members, free of charge.

To help meet the growing demand of customers looking for delicious meat free and vegan dishes, Vegetarian Express created Seed-bank. An online resource with scores of fully analysed plant-based recipes created with chefs in mind. The resource offers nutritional information for every recipe, method and ingredients, and impact details such as CO2 saving, land use saving and water saving.

You do not need to be a Vegetarian Express customer to access the seed-bank. Simply visit the website, click Sign Up, and enter your details in the appropriate section. Whether you select that you are a customer, or not a customer, either way you will gain access to the recipes.

Highlights from the seed-bank include; seitan keema curry, miso ginger tofu poke bowl, tempeh 'fish' and chips.

With loads of recipes to choose from for every occasion, take a look at the seed-bank now to allow you to think outside the box when it comes to plant-based meals for your customers.

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