TUCO recently commissioned EFECA, who work with the RSPO, to look at the credentials of our suppliers with regard to palm oil, this report confirms their findings.

The report will assist TUCO in developing a group accreditation with the RSPO.

The research covered 20 TUCO suppliers and found a number of responses highlighted a lack of understanding surrounding CSPO and RSPO certification. The report also includes details of next steps.

Why should suppliers become RSPO supply chain certified?
There are many benefits and reasons to become a member of RSPO, such as contributing constructively towards promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil to protect people, planet and prosperity. The RSPO is an internationally recognised certification standard and recognised within the UK government buying standards. It is the leading global standard within palm oil and the most widely used in the UK market. Membership demonstrates a first step towards commitment to sustainable palm oil. RSPO certification gives the assurance that the claims which are being made by a company can be verified. Each member of the supply chain needs to take part in order to make public claims.

Read the findings here.