Following a review of our digital services, we are delighted to announce that the current provider of TUCO Online - Procure Wizard - has been reappointed on a 20 year agreement. The reappointment is the result of a comprehensive OJEU tender and key input from the Tender Working Party.


What is TUCO Online?

A revolutionary web based eProcurement system that provides a dynamic online purchasing portal delivering improved efficiency, complete visibility, reduced costs and compliance across your entire organisation with one simple login. 

Why eProcurement?

With as much as 80% of the hospitality sector - but only 5% of the education sector - using an eProcurement system, the sector is fast catching up to the benefits of an online procurement system. Advantages both in time and money are well documented. It’s estimated benefits of up to 50% can to be made in administration savings alone and a further 10% through transparent product pricing. 


• Live Pricing

• Good Receipting

• Invoice Reconciliation

• Payment

• Variance Reporting

• Benchmarking

• Brand Analysis

• Split Orders

• Improves Visibility


• Recipe Costings

• Menu Engineering

• Allergen Management

• Nutritional Data

• Gross Profit Analysis

• Flash Reporting

• Stock Management

• Waste Management 

• Interactive Dashboard

key features

"It’s changed the way we work. It gives us the ability to place an order with multiple suppliers at the same time – everything is in the same place. We can drill down and capture data about our purchasing from every order we place on each university site. Previously we would have had to analyse invoices to obtain this data. Now we can spend that time looking at how and where we are buying things." 

Mike Hornsby, University of Brighton 


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