6th June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day and there are celebrations occurring across the country.

TUCO is proud to support the 80th anniversary celebrations for D-Day, an opportunity to remember over 209,000 Allied casualties of Operation Overlord.

There will be celebrations happening across the country, and here are some ideas and ways for you to get involved:

  • Why not host a themed day in your kitchens and food outlets, serving Great British Food?
  • At 9:15pm on the 6th June, organisations across the country will be lighting a beacon to symoblise the 'light of peace' to emerge from the darkness of war. You can purchase a beacon here to get involved. Why not run a raffle or competition, to give a student the opportunity to light your beacon?
  • Get involved in Fish & Chip Day - being held on 6th June this year, the aim is to sell 150,000 portions of fish and chips to mark the number of Allied troops that landed in Normandy by sea and air on D-Day. You can contribute by serving fish & chips in your outlets. National Fish and Chip Day - NEODA
  • Decorate your outlets with British flags and bunting to show your support
  • Share your photos on social media 
  • Download the certificate of recognition below

You can find out more information and ideas on the celebration website: D-DAY 80 BEACONS

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