Established in 2010 Aeguana has been working in the vending and automated retail space for over a decade. Over that time the business has diversified into a full service manufacturer and service provider, offering an "end to end" solution from idea and feasibility through to manufacture, installation and maintenance of high tech, industry-leading automated retail equipment.

Aeguana brings together the convenience of “vending” or alternatively referred to as "automated retail", with the technology retailers have grown accustomed to when using online channels. Functionality such as engagement metrics, conversion funnels and different ways of pricing and promoting products to achieve an increase in sales is made available through Aeguana's proprietary VendLive platform.

Operating beyond a mere telemetry system, VendLive manages not just sales and stock data in real time, but all content - from product nutritional information through to media, advertising and product images. Discount codes can be created and circulated and third party integrations with mobile apps and other ERP systems can easily be offered through the VendLive API.

By providing an end-to-end offering, Aeguana can deliver far better levels of service and quality across the entire service delivery experience, ensuring better upkeep of machines, industry leading up-time, and ultimately generating far greater revenue from machines through offering an excellent customer experience.

Aeguana is building a more connected, engaging and efficient retail future, centred on automation.

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