Established over 30 years ago, Oliver Kay are wholesale suppliers of fresh food and ingredients, delivering fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, fish, meat and dry store ingredients daily, to chefs and caterers.

We serve customers both locally and nationally throughout England, Scotland and Wales, from our centre of operations in Bradford and through a series of strategically situated distribution hubs around the UK.

We work with some of the best growers, producers, and suppliers in Britain and around the world.

Field Fresh Ingredients
Our modern and efficient fully temperature-controlled warehouse provides ideal storage conditions so we can maintain the ‘field fresh’ condition that our customers demand. Our sites are BRC accredited, offering further reassurance of our quality processes. We constantly review our processes and this continual improvement program has led to recent investments right across the business, enabling us to offer our customers an even better service.

Growing Relationships
Our work at Oliver Kay is all about nurturing close relationships between our growers and customers. We work closely with our suppliers to enable us to react to the needs of our customers and get them the best produce when it’s in season and at its freshest. The close relationships we have with our farmers gives us access to the best of their crop at their best prices. And the close relationships we have with our customers means we’re always on the lookout for something new.

Seasonal Tastes
We passionately believe that food in season is food at its most delicious. Working with our buyers and growers, we compile concise and informative Crop Reports to help you make the most of the produce that’s coming into season next, and when you can expect it. If there’s a shortage, whether, through disease or environmental issues, we’ll keep you in the loop and let you know which products and varieties to avoid.

Supplier Documents