Brakes Bros Ltd has been in existence since 1958, when Frank, William and Peter Brake, began supplying poultry to catering establishments. Through organic growth and business acquisition, which saw the business expand into grocery, bakery and fresh produce, Brake Bros Ltd are now the UK’s leading food service solutions company.

Our strong understanding of the needs of the catering industry, combined with innovation in both products and service, has seen Brakes develop as the major supplier of frozen, chilled and grocery foods and non-food products to caterers across the UK and France. With over 26,000 products across the group and nearly 60 years’ experience in the catering industry, we remain committed to the ongoing improvement of our food and our services around the needs of our customers.

Brake Bros Ltd offers an extensive portfolio of products in each temperature range, with both own brand and supplier brands available across each category; there is an excellent range of grocery products, which include own brand goods and manufacturers brands. We make 27,000 daily deliveries comprising of 500,000 items and ensure our customers are delivered quality, variety and value.

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