All our activities are geared towards our end product that is enjoyed by our National Client base.  We believe that the strength of our service delivery and the quality of our coffee and other products stand us above our competitors and enable us to deliver the best value for money in our industry.

To achieve this, we have to ensure we have all the building bricks in place.

The foundation stone has to be our staff many of whom have received long service awards, some with over 30 years service.  All receive annual recognition with a long service awards dinner.  From day one everyone is thoroughly inducted into our company ethos and follows a programme of continuous improvement that ensures they are aware of all current legislation and use the most up to date practices and procedures.

Building up from the foundation stone are the partnerships we create and enjoy with our Suppliers.   We hold regular Supplier reviews, to ensure we enjoy the best available pricing and service levels and that our suppliers act from a fair, responsible, ethical and sustainable platform.  

Another piece of the jigsaw demonstrates the way we conduct and monitor our business activities, within the communities where we operate.  We continuously monitor and update our activities to ensure we act in a responsible and sustainable environment.

Once the building blocks are in place we can feel confident that we are delivering our service promise.  We check on a monthly basis that our Clients are happy with our service levels by reporting an agreed range of bespoke KPIs.  Our management information is clear and concise, allowing for easy analysis.   It is presented by a member of our Senior Management team who are also responsible for delivering regular service enhancements and innovation.

We run our business in a way that our employees can be proud of.  They need to be secure in our financial stability and happy that we are benefitting their community and not damaging it.  We believe this helps them put our customers interests at the forefront of their activities and encourages them to stay with us and deliver the service promise.

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