OrderPay is the most flexible and feature-packed order and pay solution on the market, supporting over 2500 pubs, restaurants, bars and universities across the UK. Their partner venues are able to serve customers more efficiently, turn tables faster, and benefit from bigger baskets and 12x more tips for their staff. OrderPay’s partnership with TUCO will now enable them to roll out ordering services to rooms on campus, growing revenue for on-site caterers and empowering students to safely earn money as delivery staff.

Our solution sees QR codes in every room on campus, which are specific to that exact location. From which students are empowered to order from their local restaurants, which are selected by the university.

You select the local independents who you think would be a great match for your students and due to our lucrative model are able to offer them rates 80% cheaper than the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat.

What’s even better is that there is an additional profit sharing scheme on top of this where you earn a percentage of every order. Providing you with an additional revenue stream, a way to fulfil your charters, market changing rates for local businesses and cheaper deals for students.

This revolutionary partnership also supports your business students by supplying hands-on training, pitching the universities order and payment network to local businesses and gaining valuable experience.

In case that wasn’t enough, there is an extension of this model where your on site F&B offering can be onboarded and will be picked up & delivered on campus by a network of student riders. Providing a safer option for those looking to pick up extra work but want to avoid delivering to neighbourhoods they are unfamiliar with.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing our market leading tech into the academic sector and can’t wait to revolutionize student ordering with you.

Mike CEO of TUCO

"OrderPay provides our members with the most comprehensive and flexible solution to support on campus ordering, payment and delivery. We are excited about the additional revenue streams that this partnership will deliver to our TUCO members, we look forward to working with them to revolutionise on campus hospitality commerce"

Richard CEO of OrderPay

"We are delighted to have been awarded this contract to support TUCO members and associates in delivering the next generation of ordering, payment, gifting and delivery services. We look forward to supporting both the University and wider government sector with our learnings from working with the UK's largest hospitality brands. We are grateful for the opportunity to immediately contribute to the bottom line of some of the country's most important institutions."