At Harvest Fine Foods, we share our customers’ passion for great food and great dishes start with quality ingredients. 

Our produce is ethically sourced from local growers and we are dedicated to supporting the hard work of our country’s local producers and our corporate friends of Hampshire Fare. 

In September 2016, Harvest Fine Foods became a member of the Country Range Group – a national buying  consortium of 12 independent wholesale food service companies with an annual turnover in excess of £400 million. 

Being a member of the Country Range Group, gives Harvest Fine Foods access to a wide variety of branded and  own-brand products at very competitive prices 
Harvest Fine Foods prides itself on its strong, long-standing relationships with customers and trading partners,  with most new business coming from referrals. We focus on understanding your business and delivering the  optimal food service solution to help you maximise your profitability. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering excellence to over 500 customers across Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire and Surrey.  Corporate Social Responsibility for Harvest Fine Foods encompasses our commitment to the environment,  community and employees, as well as the commercial impact of conducting our business. All of our waste streams  are segregated, compacted and recycled. Waste from our fresh produce and prepared vegetable department goes  to a local pig farm. Our new depot utilises LED lighting and state-of-the-art refrigeration to reduce electricity  consumption. We also employ ‘route optimisation software’ to try and minimise the mileage covered when making our deliveries. 

We are corporate members of Westbound Rotary Club and have raised over £42,000 for a number of charities in the past five years. This year we will be principle sponsors of the Annual Rotary Young Chef of the Year Competition.

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