J&R Food Service Ltd is a family owned business located in Exeter, Devon and has been successfully trading as a local catering wholesaler for over 30 years. 

We excel in the delivery of ambient, chilled, fresh produce, frozen and non-food products to customers across the South West region. We have built a fantastic relationship with Taste of the West helping us to continuously source new products from the finest Westcountry producers.

In 2009 we invested in an extension to our current premises which resulted in a 100% increase in storage capacity. Further to this in 2017 we expanded again with the purchase of a bigger building which increased the ambient and chilled storage capacity by another 300%. This positive increase in capacity has meant that we have been able to increase the number of product lines from local and national brands. 

We have also made acquisitions these include “Best of the West” and “F.Milfords” both of which have opened the door to a wide variety of local products. We are now able to deliver Locally grown Fresh Produce directly from the Farm to the Caterer, ensuring a high-quality product is received with minimal food miles.

J&R has been a member of the “Sterling Super Group” since 2003, this enhances our buying power as an independent company and enables us to be competitive with the nationals on price, whilst maintaining the personal contact of a local family run business.

J & R Food Service has experienced continuous growth with inward investment and an unrivalled customer service and greater product choice. “Setting the Standard for Quality and Service”.  

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