Partner Overview

Kelsius is a leading supplier of wireless digital temperature monitoring and digital HACCP systems for the catering and hospitality sectors. The Kelsius system improves product safety, ensures regulatory compliance, and optimises the costs associated with food safety management. The easy-to-use tablet and probe combination allows staff to check dish temperatures right before service. The world-class wireless sensors and cloud-based data hosting and processing use the most advanced technology to provide peace of mind for your food safety compliance and to protect your data and security. 

Providing safe and healthy food options in a busy catering environment means that food providers constantly need to be aware of how their food is stored and managed, and that it’s protected at every stage of the food delivery cycle. Kelsius provides this, ensuring food safety compliance, minimising food waste, and making the process easier through automation that saves time and resources. 

Alert and alarm capabilities are key features of the system. If a fridge or freezer excursion occurs, designated personnel can be alerted through audible/visual alarms, as well as through e-mail, SMS, push notifications or an automated voice call.

The Kelsius portal provides management with remote access to real-time and historical data for all locations, accessible from any web-enabled device. Reports are available on demand, providing a complete audit trail and providing easy access to information and data for inspections. 

Founded in 2003, Kelsius has offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a network of partners in Europe, Middle East, Australia and the USA that serve its global customer base.