The UK Food Calorie Labelling Law, comes into effect from April 2022. The government has introduced legislation to implement mandatory calorie labelling among large food businesses (businesses with 250 or more employees) in the out of home sector in an effort to tackle obesity levels.


This webinar is in partnership with Panache Consultancy and Brakes.


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From April 2022, except for certain exempt businesses, the requirement to calorie label extends to any business with 250 or more employees (‘a qualifying business’) which offers for sale non-prepacked food or drink suitable for immediate consumption by the person who buys it.

What premises/businesses will be included?

Except for certain exemptions, the requirement to display calorie information will extend to any business with 250 or more employees selling food in scope of the regulations. This will include franchise operations even when individual franchise outlets may fall below this number (provided that the wider franchisor has more than 250 employees). The regulations will also extent to food that is sold on a website or mobile application. This could apply where food is sold through third party delivery companies, for example.

However, in recognition of the possibility that some organisations may have small in-house catering operations compared to the overall size of their businesses, the regulations will exempt certain institutions except where their catering services are provided by another large business (with 250 or more employees). This includes educational institutions for those over 18 years old, military establishments, criminal justice accommodation, hospitals or other medical institutions, care homes or other institutions providing social care, and workplace canteens providing food for employees. Food served at schools and colleges for those under 18 will also be exempt from the proposals”




It would appear that, technically, self-delivery catering operations are exempt and as Full TUCO members are 'in house' it appears that "in-house" caterers would be covered by this characterisation. We are looking to see a little more how the market will interpret the law, so that we are able to provide better guidance and have decided to postpone the webinar to the 24th February. Even if it transpires you would be exempt, we will still provide an overview and guidance to good practice rather than what you would legally need to do......(although that will be covered for information.)

The course will offer an outline to the legal requirements; practical implementation advice and the opportunity to ask questions about the legislation and consequences of noncompliance.

The session will last 30 minutes, with an opportunity for questions after.

Panache are one of the UK’s leading independent catering and facility management consultancy companies and are the number 1 ranking catering consultants on the LUPC consultant’s framework. 

This session will be delivered by Jon Rook, Jon has been Managing Director of Panache South Limited for 6 years and has more than 30 years’ experience within the catering and hospitality industry including roles as Head of Catering and Conferences for Downing College, Cambridge, and Head of Hospitality Services at the University of Southampton.

Jon is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and is former chairman of the Southern Branch and a Professional Member of the FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International).

In 2012 Jon attained his master’s degree in ‘International Hospitality Design and Management Consultancy‘ from Sheffield Hallam University.  He also holds a HND in Hotel & Catering Management, City and Guilds 706/1 & 2, Prince 2 Project management Practitioners certificate and the Advanced Food Hygiene qualification. Jon is a register trainer for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and teaches food hygiene courses to level 3.  

Jon will be joined for any nutritional queries by Fleur Key, a Registered Associate Nutritionist from Brakes.

Fleur Key graduated from the University of Greenwich with a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Christ Church University with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health. She began her career at Greenwich Service Solutions as Nutritionist, responsible for the nutritional compliance of a catering company supplying more than 20,000 school meals per day. Fleur then joined Brakes as Nutritionist and her work includes providing nutritional support for customers and staff, producing and delivering tailored nutrition training courses, producing marketing publications and representing Brakes at food industry related meetings and events. Fleur is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr).



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