This full day session has been designed to showcase innovations from TUCO suppliers across plant based products. This will include cooking demonstrations with ideas for innovation with tastes, textures and flavours to prepare you for Veganuary menus.


This day showcased interesting or new products and processes from across the catering and retail industry with the intention you'll be able to incorporate products in time for Veganuary 2022.

The agenda for the day is below. Click on the links under each time to view the recordings.


0900-1030 HSI /Forward Food with Jenny Chandler cookalong. The Forward Food team will be sharing the free practical support they offer to help you put more delicious plant based options on plates. A look at the phenomenon that is Veganuary, consumer dining trends,  what’s happening on the high street and some tried and tested approaches to making plant based meals a hit, all year round. Chef and Author Jenny Chandler will be creating a delicious plant based dish, which you can cook along with to learn some quick and tasty tricks in the kitchen.

HSI with Jenny Chandler

1030-1100 Visionary Group Our brands at Visionary Foods have jumped at the chance to provide informative and engaging videos to showcase to you not only what a fantastic offering they have but their story as owners and founders. In this video you will see award winning products from the likes of Cuzena – Humous chip & dip, Cantina – Chimi Churi sauce, Jackfruit Co, Mediterranean Foods – dips & snacking, The Bake Shed – brownies & traybakes and a ‘low alcohol’ offering from Shandy Shack. I hope you enjoy!

Visionary Group

1100-1200 Vegetarian Express As a plant based specialist we are very proud of our innovation and seek to have first to foodservice products that will enhance any plant based offering already on campus. We are delighted to be showcasing some of our new products and a selection of dishes from our new concepts “Pianta” and “Akeno”. First off our chef Dan will talk about a fantastic product called zero egg which does everything a dairy egg would do, samples are also available in advance if you would like to follow chef live. From our Italian plant based concept Pianta we will show you how quick and easy it is to create some really beautiful dishes using our new shrimpz to create a healthy low GI and gluten free linguine followed by in season butternut squash and truffle bruschetta. Then from our Asian concept Akeno a fantastic recipe using MOCK chicken poppers to create a  Kung pao MOCK chicken. Finally using the zero egg a stunning breakfast/brunch recipe a plant based version of egg & salmon. All recipes are available on our website

Vegetarian Express

1300-1330 Zess Our main motivation to start Zess was to create a social impact and improve the quality of life for others through better diet and nutrition. Some of the world's most pressing problems, such as climate change and diet related illness, all share a common cause - our food choices. We are aiming to tackle these challenges head on with our products and services! Explore by Zess is our first own brand product range, which aims to reinvent a category that is traditionally unhealthy and low cost. Explore is the world’s first plant powered savoury deli filling range that is bursting with authentic world flavours and delivers on convenience and versatility. Explore consists of 3 flavours that are made with pea and fava protein fresh whole ingredients, ensuring each bite is nutritionally balanced. Zess is supporting busy caterers’ across all sectors, helping appeal to a generation of change-makers, choosing healthy and more sustainable meat alternatives! We understand that Foodservice operators are busier than ever so the range has been designed specifically to help drive operational efficiencies, enhance margins, and offer flexibility in service delivery. Helping to make plant-based alternatives and vegan options easy to implement.  

Zess The video is corrupted on the live stream so you can watch it here:

1330-1400 Devil's Kitchen are an exclusively vegan and free-from manufacturer of burgers, balls and sausages, from the team at the world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers FC. 

Devil's Kitchen The videos are corrupted on the live stream so you can watch them here:


1400-1430 Cognosco: Moving Mountains brand was launched in 2018. We claim to be  the first brand on the market to use the term Plant Based as a marketing & category term for featuring on menu’s. The growing range is targeted at the growing trend for flexitarians - That’s a consumer who want the eating sensation & aesthetics of eating a conventional burger/fish finger/ meatball etc -  BUT have the knowledge and assurance that its vegetarian/vegan & can be enjoyed without a compromise on taste - so  that it smells, looks and tastes good when its presented on a plate as part of a meal ! Glebe Farm - Are Europe’s leading processor of Gluten Free Oats - With investment in their new oat processing plant in Cambridgeshire plus a partnership with Italian International Foods ( who are producers of 3 other plant based Non Dairy Drinks - Glebe Farm & International Foods have created Beverage Kings as the business Partnership name). Our range is marketed as Glebe Farm & we are the only Non Dairy Drinks processor who do not manufacture from a concentrate that’s why we have Purity as a Sub Brand heading - Our drinks range is pure taste and flavour ( Similar to Fruit Juices where the quality brands are sold as “Not From Concentrate”)


1430-1500 Rubies Condiments. But Gooder. Rubies in the Rubble make award-winning condiments, made gooder by using delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Tasting great? Good.Fighting food waste too? Gooder!  Did you know that a third of all food produced globally is wasted? Surviving the journey from farm to fork is a complicated process with many hurdles along the way. Some produce is discarded before it even leaves the farm, some is rejected when it arrives at the supermarket or restaurant and some simply ends up in a household bin. It’s kind of like Total Wipeout for fruit and veg, where the obstacles include: rigorous aesthetic criteria for produce, over-forecasted demand and inefficiencies in storing and distributing. Here’s a brand video that explains our ketchup bulk format.


1500-1530 Eat Love Raw Loveraw® is a vegan chocolate BRAND who make vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate.  They are excited to be presenting an overview of their brand and award winning Vegan Choc range  to TUCO - samples will be sent to TUCO members in advance of the Innovation Day.  LoveRaw will also present a summary of the rapidly growing Plant Based market, which as a result of the exponential growth of veganism and flexitarianism in the UK, is forecast to experience rapid growth rising by £558 million by the end of 2021, with vegan chocolate set to have high market share within this.  In the last 40 weeks, the vegan impulse chocolate category has grown by £2m RSV, and LoveRaw are proud to be the fastest growing Vegan Choc Bar Brand within this category, growing at over 250%!

Eat Love Raw

Eat Love Raw PDF presentation

1530-1600 Unilever / Vegetarian Butcher James Birch Customer Chef at Unilever Food Solution will prepare some delicious plant based dishes that are easy to produce and relevant not only for Veganuary but can be used all year around. This demonstration will support your business to stay ahead of plant-based trends, be sustainable and keep your customers coming back.


1600-1630 LWC will be completing a cocktail making session to round the day off! With 2 gins and a rum, all with their matching mixers you can finish Veganuready with a tipple or two. 




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